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Welcome to my little corner of the ‘net! I’m afraid you won’t find much about fantasy leagues, draft projections or number-crunching SABRmetrics. On the other hand, if you love the community of baseball, then I hope you’ll enjoy the stories posted here. BTW, I’m a diehard fan of the bush leagues, a.k.a. Minor League Baseball, which means many of my opinions come from this perspective.

What is a sporkball? Excellent question! The sporkball is a country cousin of the forkball, the signature out-pitch for a number of very successful big leaguers, including Dave Stewart, Hideo Nomo and Jack Morris, among others. What makes the forkball effective is it does the unexpected when it leaves the pitcher’s hand; it drops or dances out of the strike zone at the last minute. In short, it’s a quirky pitch—in stark contrast to the Ryan Express heater with its in-your-face-I-dare-you-to-catch-up-to-this challenge. Successful starters understand the need to have a couple of these off-speed or breaking pitches in the toolbox, in order to set up the fastball. Likewise, The Sporkball Journals is intended to complement those hard-throwing baseball sites out there, not replace them.

The spork is the utility infielder of ballpark cutlery. It’s not stylish or elegant, but it gets the job done. (Think Rich Amaral.) And it’s downright indispensable for tackling the 3-alarm, chili-cheese dog with onions. The spork also symbolizes the “we-try-harder” creativity of the minor leagues. Unlike MLB organizations, minor-league operations receive little-to-no money from TV rights or revenue sharing and little more than chump change from merchandising. Their #1 source of income is concessions, which inspires the founding principle of their Veeckian business model—”Get ’em into the ballpark any way you can and hope they show up hungry.”

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