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When I started writing copy years ago, I was struck by how many people it took to launch a marketing campaign. Typically, a single product needed a writer, graphic designer and a web architect. And often, a project manager to coordinate all the media channels.

How I can help. My extensive experience helps integrate your print and web collateral, traditional and social media. My wide range of services—writing, editing, graphics, design and more—helps your marketing team stay slim and trim.

Keeping it real. I won’t replace your full-service print shop, video production studio or flash-certified web designer. On the other hand, I can help turbo-charge your marketing with multimedia creativity, style and polish.

In simple terms. Think of me as a writer who can draw, a designer who can spell, an editor who understands social media.

Seeing is believing. The easiest way to understand how I can help promote your products and services is to look at what I do. I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much rich-media bang you can get for your marketing-budget bucks.

Intelligent Messaging + Visual Appeal
Effective Marketing

The most compelling sales pitch generates synergy between intellectual information and emotional aesthetics. Consider a high-performance sports car, for example. You may be drawn to a particular model by its 0-60 mph times, repair history and manufacturer’s reputation, but what ultimately seals the deal is how you feel when you drive it.

Likewise, consider how images and text come together in a display banner:

blurbStep 1: The Concept

  • What they needed—display banner for outcalls to businesses, conferences and stores.
  • What they had—company logo, mission statement.

Step 2: Image & Text

We started with an assortment of layout options in a range of styles—from playful to sophisticated. The client selected an elegant design with soothing colors. The layout set the tone for the written content, which was edited to create an appropriately matching voice, as well as to fit within the confines of the narrow layout.


Step 3: The Result

A sophisticated combination of appealing aesthetics and compelling messaging.